What’s Coming Up at Film Lingo?!?

Welcome to the first week of our Brand New Site Film Lingo !

Hi everyone,

I’m Nick L, the creator of Film Lingo.com, we are all very excited I thought I would give an overview of how the site will work and what to expect. On top of multiple news posts daily, we will also be posting a main blog/article sunday thru friday.

Sunday: Superb Sunday Review by: Tiffanykk

  • reviews of movies, tv, and dvds, all written form a girls perspective !

Monday: Crime/Mob Monday by: Tjohn1

  • Maning it up, monday is talking about everything crime/mob/gangster movie and t.v. related.

Tuesday: Trouble in Hollywood Tuesday by: nicklanciotti

  • This is where I talk about the lastest news from Hollywood in depth, and what troubles are going on behind the scenes !

Wednesday: Award Winner Wednesday by: nicklanciotti and Montanagray

  • Wednesday is when myself and Film Lingo author Montana Gray talk about award winners and the award seasons from today and yesterday.

Friday: Old Film Friday by: Montana Gray

  • We end our posting week with discussions and review of movies from the past

As we go along we will be adding a thursday daily post, and starting at the end of the month a monthly podcast from all of us at Film Lingo ! Comment below.

Thank !

Nick Lanciotti


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