Trouble in Hollywood Tuesday: John Carter Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the Tuesday Daily Post: Trouble in Hollywood. This article and the ones to follow are all about the buzz going on behind closed door, and what some studios and producers do not want to talk about. We start with what is widely considered to be a ticking time bomb, John Carter !

Not long ago, in December the trailer for a movie came out to over overwhelmingly negative reception, this movie was of course is the Walt Disney Studio release John Carter.

The reactions were mostly that the animation looks sub-par, and that the public has seen this movie before by the names of Star Wars and Avatar. Most people compared it to the just re-released movie Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, which in some ways isn’t such a great comparison to have.

Before the trailer even hit the web, rumors had already began to swirl that the budget was millions upon millions over budget. Also, many where not happy when in the middle of 2011, Disney announced that John Carter of Mars was to be re-titled just John Carter. Director Andrew Stanton say this was done because he wasn’t from mars and hasn’t earned that title yet, but would by the end of the first film ( this was to become a franchise). Since John Carter is based on the science fiction book by Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Stacking up against it:

There are many many obstacles that are blocking John Carter, but none are more prevelent than the executive shake ups that have been going on at Disney while Carter’s production has begun.

It was not current Motion Picture head Rich Ross that green lit John carter, but Dick Cook the extremely popular studio head that ran the movie division for almost twenty years. Dick Cook was asked to step down right after the first official Disney Convention D-23 Expo in 2009, which in turn left the studio a ton of green lit movie from the old regime, such movies like: Wild Hogs 2, Wedding Banned staring Robin Williams, Pirates 4, The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made, the most expensive movie ever produced Rapunzel Un-Braided, Tr2n ( Tron 2), and John Carter of Mars. Most of these movies were either shelved, re-worked completely, with only three pirates 4, and Tron, and the upcoming John Carter making it pasted review and being made.

Though, from this John Carter started filming in early 2010, not long after rich Ross took over.

Later MT Carney was hired as marketing head, and didn’t last long as she was very unlike, coming up with awful slogan like ” the coolest Job Ever” for The Sorcerers Apprentice. It is has been rumored that she is the one that suggested dropping the “of Mars” from the title, to make it simple and to distance it from Disney’s 2011 mega bomb Mars Needs Moms.

Since the end of official production, This Andrew Stanton production has had multiple re-shoots and rumors are that the original budget of around 200 Million has been surpassed to more around 300-350 million dollars, not including promotion. If those rumors are true, that would mean that to even start turning a profit John Carter would have to make around 950 million dollars maybe even a billion worldwide.

On top of all of this, as previously stated , the all important Fan Boys are not behind this movie, and the web has been full comments by people trashing the movie, while is never a good sign for a healthy box-office return.

So what’s the good news ?

The good news not much, but what it does have going for it are very good indeed.

First of all this is a Disney movie and Disney movies rarely if ever truly bomb, due to that Disney has merchandise, theme parks, DVD’s, attached to help John Carter turn a profit.

Next, the strongest factor that John Carter has on its side is its director, Andrew Stanton, he has been at Pixar since almost the very beginning, Sheparding some of there biggest hits Finding Nemo, and Wall-e. Both of these movies were supposed to bomb as well, yet they were HUGE successes thanks to Mr.Stanton. John Carter will surly if anything be well directed, there is no doubt about that. and Andrew also does have the famous ” Pixar Brain Trust” which reviews Disney and Pixar films to find weakness and make good scripts better, which they do. also on Andrew Stanton’s side is the two Oscars he has on his shelf.

Lastly, a great factor is that the 2012 box-office is thriving so far this year with a historical weekend just behind us, where The Vow, Safe House, Journey 2, and Star Wars 3D all grossing more than 20 million dollars, the first time 4 movies in a single non-holiday/summer weekend has achieved this feat. So John Carter could benifit from a growing 2012 surge and be a breakout hit.

John Carter hits theaters March 9th, 2012 !

and that is Tuesday’s Trouble in Hollywood ! Have any questions about today’s article or anything to add ? comment below and let me know !

All photos and images, and names are copyright of The Walt Disney Company. The Oscars are copyright of The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

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