Superb Sunday Review with Tiffany! – Dance Moms Edition!

Hello Again! This is Superb Sunday Reviews with Tiffany! A blog about all things girly, and sometimes not so girly, in the world of film, movies, and television!

This week I am going to be talking about one of the craziest reality shows I have ever seen, Dance Moms!!!

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Dance Moms is a show about the Abby Lee Dance Company located in Pittsburgh. Abby Lee is a well known choreographer in the world of dance, she is known for producing “stars”! She expects nothing less than absolute perfection!

The Show

Dance Moms is a reality show about the making of stars and their crazy over the top moms! What we witness on the show is the girls lives on their path to stardom! These girls ranging in ages from 6-13 eat, sleep, and breathe dance!!! Every week we watch them as they learn dance routines in less than a week and then compete them. Nothing less than perfection is expected from them by their dance teacher Abby. Another entertaining aspect of the show is the studio also has a rival studio called Candy Apples. The owner of candy apples was previously a dance mom at Abby Lee’s dance studio. Abby and Candy Apples are always trying to see who will come out on top!

The Moms

Enough about the girls lets talk about the moms! These moms are crazy! The moms live at the dance studio with their girls! They are constantly bickering and fighting about everything! Who’s daughter gets to be on the top of the pyramid?Why does Abby treat her different? Why do we let Abby treat us this way? They are constantly arguing! Recently they added a new mom to the group, and this mom just doesn’t seem to get it despite the other moms attempts to tell her that her daughter has to work her way to the top just like everyone else has to!

Wrap Up

If you love drama and a lot of entertainment then this show if most definitely for you! I want to know who is your favorite dance mom?!?! Comment Below!!!

I give this show 4/5 rhinestones!

Comment below!


One thought on “Superb Sunday Review with Tiffany! – Dance Moms Edition!

  1. I personally have never watched dance mom and I would never support such a thing! I think those women are just trying to live through there kids and I’m not saying I’m not gonna try too but I won’t be televising it. That is all! 🙂

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