John Carter Review: A New Sci-Fi Classic

Tonight I attended a preview screening of John Carter. It was Magnificent ! MUST SEE

Minor Spoiler Alert !!!!

It was astounding for both the narrative and the visuals, with no major flaws. Not to say that there was nothing wrong with the movie, but nothing that took you out of the story. This movie hit all the right notes and even though they cast mostly unknowns that really worked in the films favor, as the acting was superb all around, not a flaw in sight, which goes to credit Mr.Andrew Stanton that he knows how to handle his actors.

Going into the film I was excited but completely expecting the worst, as you know I’ve written about how bad this movie might be, but boy i couldn’t have been more wrong, my friend I went with me only went because i made him and left the theater pretty much feeling dumb because he ended up liking it just as much as me. The reaction in the theater was mostly positive, except for a five year old that I walked past that said the movie was for little kids, but that kid doesn’t know what he’s talking about, because this was the least kiddy movie Disney has ever made, which works well for this picture.

Andrew Stanton really did do it again with John Carter, making him 3 for 3. The direction was as good as it could have been for this type of movie and he really let the movie flow, I can not really find any part of the movie that could have been shorter or that could have been longer, and not to mention that tis movie is funny !

Now the minor flaws of the movie are not too bad and for the most part can be easily looked past. The 3D was good, but not outstanding in anyway, I could have done without, but nothing popped out and it wasn’t bothersome either. The CGI is not that bad, but in 3D it could have used some work in random places,especially woola was the real stand-out to me in that he was too cartoony and didn’t look real what-so-ever, but he was funny ( one of the funniest parts), so I love him anyway and he gets a pass, though i wish he was real cause I want one ! The last two complaints are small scenes: first, was one time when John Carter jumps to the highest point and doesn’t know if he can make it, all of a sudden a flying ship happens to fly right into his jumping path and makes it, and this jump made me laugh and say that was just a little too lucky, and really took me out of the movie for a second. The next part was after the John Cater fights the White Apes, and then challenges the Thark leader Tal Hajus for his position, and he then makes a short speech gets everyone ( including the audience ) excited and your on the edge of your seat waiting for what you know is going to be a kick ass fight to the death then… it literally, no lie, takes John Carter no more than 5 seconds to beat him…. myself and the whole audience where just like what ? really ? thats it ? ok anyway. Thats it for complaints cause this movie was kick-ass in every other way !

In the end I loved this movie in every way and I for one can not wait for the sequel, and i know they will make one cause I will go see it 50 time and time all my friends to make sure the money keeps flowing for this incredible film. ( and if Andrew Stanton ever reads this: one, thanks for reading! two, great job and get on the next film now !!!!!!!! and three, please don’t read my first article on John Carter, I wasn’t very nice and I couldn’t have been more wrong and this movie proves it and I love your work)

Verdict: 9.5/10, GO NOW…Twice !!!

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3 thoughts on “John Carter Review: A New Sci-Fi Classic

  1. Alright review. Personally I think the movie looks alright because its a bit cheesy and other reviewers say the same, which really turns me off. However, this review makes me want to go see it. However, you shouldn’t include certain things in your reviews. I cannot put my finger on it, but try to just saw what you think how good the movie was, not about you friend, or which scene you thought was badass, because I really don’t care.

    • I wrote this quickly but I meant I mean to write “but try to write just saw what you think how good the movie was,…” That’s it.

  2. I actually liked this review. It was kept casual and it felt like I was talking to a friend. Keep up the good work šŸ™‚

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