Box-Office Battle Sunday: The Lorax Wins, John Carter Falls (Not Too Hard)

The Lorax Wins Film Lingo’s first Box-Office Battle, Kicking John Carter To Number Two !


The Final numbers are in and John Carter did exactly how it was supposed to do…. bomb.

The Lorax knocked out John Carter, continuing its very healthy Box-office run, passing the 100 million mark faster than any movie this year and making an incredible $ 39.1 million this weekend alone. John Carter on the other hand did not do as well grossing a feeble $ 30.6 million, which was on the higher side of predictions, but the good news for Disney is that it received very good reviews from audiences and had a major bounce from friday to saturday, which always s a promising sign. Around the world John Carter made just over $ 100 million this weekend which is respectable, just not too respectable when your movie costs as much as John Carter. The top 10 domestic box-office results are below.

1.) Lorax- $ 39.1 million, $ 129.1 million total gross

2.) John Carter- $ 30.6 million, $ 30.6 million total gross

3.) Project X- $ 11.5 million, $ 40.1 million total gross

4.) Silent House- $ 7 million, $ 7 million total gross

5.) Act of Valor- $ 7 million, $ 56.1 million total gross

6.) A thousand Words $ 6.3 million, $ 6.3 million total gross

7.) Safe House $ 5 million, $ 115 million total gross

8.) The Vow $ 4 million, $ 117 million total gross

9.) This Means War $ 3.7, $ 46.8 total gross

10.) Journey 2 $ 3.6, $ 90.7 million total gross

What movie did you see this weekend ? Do you think John Carter can be called a success ? Comment Below!


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