Trouble in Hollywood: The Hunger (Games) For a New Film Franchise!

As you can see today is Hunger Games day here at Film Lingo ! Today’s Trouble in Hollywood is a little different in that the trouble isn’t for the subject, The Hunger Games or Liongates/Summit Entertainment, but every other studio that didn’t buy the rights.

So to begin lets talk about how this movie came to be. Liongates Entertainment bought the rights to a small but popular book franchise in march of 2009 hoping that they could get into the game of a big tent pole franchise in the vein of Twilight, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Little did they know that just three years later they would be about to release the first movie and were being buzzed about to possibly become one of the highest opening weekends in film history ! Everything about this movie called for a huge box office bomb towards the beginning, with many people saying this was trying to be the american version of Harry Potter without the all-star cast. What those people forget is that the teen and child stars of the Hunger Games are more famous now than the child stars of Harry Potter were before the release of the Sorcerers Stone in 2001.

Now as with most great things the ingredients have to all fall into place at the right time for things to turn out just right, and really set the world on fire, and The Hunger Games had that happen. With most hollywood film franchises ending, like Twilight, or flaming out, such as last weeks John Carter, the world is really for new characters and a great story to get lost in, and The Hunger Games fits that bill perfectly. As with most franchises, except Pirates, they all start off with a series of books, in this case three ( there will be 4 movies), and these books have to be popular. While at first the novels didn’t catch fire ( see what  did there ? ) the release of every new book after grow upon the last, and when Liongates announced the film adaption that was it, the books really stated flying off the shelves.

As I’ve stated before this movie really shaped up to be America’s answer to Harry Potter, but casting some of the best actor we have to offer. The main stars are Jennifer Laurence who was recently seen in the 2011 hit film X-Men: First class, John Hutcherson would is also coming off this years blockbuster Journey 2, and Liam Hemsworth, brother of Thor ( at least the actor who plays him),  who is the newest to the film world, but has films like Expendables 2 coming out later this year. Now where this cast really gets interesting is the supporting cast members with consist of actor like: Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, Toby Jones, Stanley Tucci, and Donald Sutherland, just to name a few, and all that are well respected in one way or another. Behind the scenes is just as great with people who worked on huge films like Gray Ross the director who has worked on films like Big, Pleasentville, and Seabiscuit.

All and all this movie has everything it need to be a successes. The fan base is huge, the early reviews say its great, and tracking is just as good. Box-Office tracking is saying that when this movie opens next week it could make well over $100 million in its first weekend alone, which is just remarkable for a brand new property. The marketing thus far has really shown off the story and characters, and as anyone knows marketing is the biggest step to connection your audience with the film. Though only time will tell, it feel like this is going to be a huge winner all around and audiences can expect a real treat when The hunger Games hits theaters march 23 !

Stay tuned next week when Film Lingo publishes our review of The Hunger Games which should be up late next thursday ! Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy the rest of Film Lingo’s Hunger Games Day !

How do you think The Hunger Games look? Will it be as big as people say it will be? Are you planning on seeing it? Tell us in the comments below !


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