Box Office Battle: 3/16/12 Weekend Preview!

This weekend the box-office should cool down just a bid in anticipation for The Hunger Games, but 21 Jump Street is tracking well and be warmly received by critics, possibly landing in the #1 position.

John Carter enters its second weekend not doing to bad during the week, but will almost certainly drop to the third position. The real battle will be between The Lorax ( in its third weekend), and 21 Jump Street, which look to be headed for $ 30-35 million. That estimates is on the high side, as comedies have been hot this past summer, and some titles have over-preformed tremendously this year. The Lorax is 2012’s Champion so far already becoming the top grosser in less than two weeks. Only time will tell who will in this second round of Box Office Battle ! Here is the predictions for the top 3 movies:

1.) 21 Jump Street- $ 34.0 million

2.) The Lorax- $ 28.0 million

3.) John Carter- $ 17.0 million

4.) Project X- $ 7.1 Million

5.) Act of Valor- $ 3.5 million

Box-Office Question of the Week: What Legendary Atlanta Theater is Pictured Below? Tell us what you think it is in the comment section!

The Answer will be on Friday afternoon’s final estimates !


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