Confirmed: The Muppets Will Return !

In the wake of 2011’s hit film The Muppets, Disney has committed to develop a sequel !

As though timing couldn’t get any better ( The Muppets comes out on DVD next week) Disney has stated yesterday during their companies annual stock holder meeting that they are indeed working on a sequel of sorts. Now for the good news and bad news.

The good new is that the director James Boblin will return to helm the next film, as will co-writter Nick Stroller who will again pen the screen play. Also the Flight of the condors star and oscar winner for ” Man or Muppet” Brent Mackenzie will most likely come back for another round. On top of all that, of course the puppeteers will be part of development as well.

Now the not so bad news, Mr.Segal, or Jason Segal will not return in any sort of captivity. his means he will not help write, produce, or even star in the next installment. This means that amy Adams will most likely not be back either, but for muppet fans this isn’t too much of a surprise as no human characters have ever been in more than one movie.

Production is still in its earliest phases and things can always change, but i think that this news is good and The Muppet holding company and Disney know what they are doing and hired the people they needed again for what was a cheap and quickly produced movie ( but high quality) movie. I for one can’t wait to see them on the big screen again !

Are you sad that Jason segal isn’t returning? Are you excited another Muppet film is on the way? Let us know in the comment section Below !


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