Box Office Battle: 21 Jump Street Makes the Grade

Film Lingo’s Box Office Battle is over for this week, and it looks as if 21 Jump Street has kicked The loran out of school, and the #1 position !

21 Jump Street did exactly as we predicted make a ton of money, especially for an R rated comedy, making a huge $ 35 Million. The juggernaut movie of the year so far The lorax did move to #2 but I doubt Universal cares as the movie also passed $ 150 million, becoming the highest grossing movie of the year by at least 30 million. In third was John Carter, which continues to bomb like no other, dropping more than 50%, the movie may be good, but it looks like nobody cared and stayed far away. All in all this was a great weekend for most Studios and theater chains, but revenue was down 8% from last year. Below is the top 10 releases this weekend:

1.) 21 Jump Street- $ 35 million, $ 35 million total gross

2.) The Lorax- $ 22.8 million, $ 158.4 million total gross

3.) John Carter- $ 13.5 million, $ 53.1 million total gross

4.) Project X- $ 4.0 million, $ 48.1 million total gross

5.) A Thousand Words- $ 3.7 million, $ 12.1 million total gross

6.) Act of valor- $ 3.6 million, $ 62.3 million total gross

7.) Safe House- $ 2.8 million, $ 120.2 million total gross

8.) Journey 2- $ 2.4 million, $ 95.0 million total gross

9.) Casa De Mi Padre- $ 2.2 million, $ 2.2 million total gross

10. This Means War- $ 2.1 million, $ 50.0 million total gross

Next week will be big no matter what, but it could be one of the biggest ever when The Hunger Games opens on friday. Wednesday check back to see our predictions for next weekends top 5 ! 

What movie did you see this weekend? Comment Below 


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