Salvador Dali Biopic in the Works !

Imagine Entertainment Has announce it is indeed developing the movie, that has also set a writer.

Today Deadline reported that this Dali Biopic is moving fast hiring Paige Cameron to do the screenplay. This years Oscar and Imagine Entertainment producer Brain Grazer and Anna Culp will over see the project as it goes into full blown production some time late this year, or more realistically 2013. Also this particular Biopic has the blessing of the Dali foundation and  a statement has been sent out by managing director Joan Manuel Sevillano:

“The Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation’s interest in a biographical film has always been limited to one that would involve an A-list team. We are delighted to have this project in the hands of Imagine, a production company whose taste and exacting standards of execution are in keeping with Dalí’s legacy, as well as Paige Cameron, a screenwriter we admire and trust.”

The Dali biopic is said to focus not only on his artistic side, but also spend a good part of the movie looking deep into the romance and relationship of Salvador Dali and Gala.

Also because of this announcement we remember that he not only painted and sculpt, but also created some  fantastical films in the vein of his artistic mind. Walt Disney and Salvador Dali once teamed up together to create a short called Destino, but was not finished till after the deaths of both artists in 2003 by Walt’s nephew Roy Disney. Here is that amazing short:

We will keep you updated as this project moves forward ! Comment Below


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