A Special Superb Review: Fashion In Mad Men!

So as most of you know I usually talk about girly movies! But in honor of todays Mad Men theme here at film lingo, I want to quickly talk about the fashion of Mad Men!

The fashion

As we all know vintage is all the rage right now! The fashion in Mad Men is certainly vintage portraying the fashion from the 60’s! Everything from the dresses to the over sized accessories and the shoes to the hair as well as the mens suits and hair are absolutely phenomenal! I love all of the 60’s fashion portrayed in mad men! Everything from the “Shift Dresses” and the aviator sunglasses to the bold florals and the neon colors are indicitave of the 60’s time period and are simply amazing! I wish we still dressed like this! The people in charge of the wardrobe of Mad Men definitely deserve an applause for their accurate portrayal of this time period!

All Photos are copyrights of Liongates and AMC.

Tell me who is your favorite character in terms of how they dress!!!

Be sure to check out all of the Mad Men articles today here at filmlingo.com!!!!


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