A New Huck and Tom Adventure!

It has been announced that a new, and different adaption of the classic stories featuring Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer is now in development at Paramount, but maybe not in the way you would imagine.

Sure we all know the story of Tom and Huck, more than half of us probably had to read it in high school, but with today world of finding a new spin and making things Edgier and darker comes one of the weirdest movie ideas that has ever been, at least in my opinion. This new telling of the story will feature Huck and Tom as adults. That isn’t all though, the strangest part of this is that it was feature a lot of supernatural elements, what that means still isn’t exactly clear yet, but it could be anything from voodoo to vampires for all we know.

Paramount is staying quite for the most part on the details for now, but Mark Twain is defiantly rolling in his grave somewhere over this. Also, you we didn’t get the name wrong, this movie will not be titled Tom and Huck, as the classic book and countless other captions would suggest, but this new movie will be indeed called Huck and Tom ( they are trying to be different and edgy remember?).

Through out the years there have been countless adaptations of the books, The Adventures of  Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Most notably for the 90’s generation Disney’s Tom and Huck starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Other additions have been from the first incarnation in 1907 to a 2000 animated film with talking animals.

So what do you think of this news,Do you think growing them up and supernatural elements fit? Comment Below.


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