What’s New At Film Lingo?

As you can tell Film Lingo has changed its look, but that is just the beginning ! We have a lot of new features and articles to share. Find out more below.

All of your favorite ” Featured daily Posts” are still here with some small changes and some new ones are on their way as well:

  • Crime/Mob with terrence will be moving to Wednesday , starting next week.
  • Mad Men Review (working title) will start its official launch next Monday, following todays overwhelming success, and this sunday’s 5th season premiere
  • Thursday‘s featured post will interchange on a three week schedule: Music in Movies, Indie Spotlight, and Old Film look Back. Movie Music will start this cycle off today at 2:30 pm
  • As for Superb Review with Tiffany, and Trouble in Hollywood (now titled Hollywood Today) they will stay in their Sunday and Tuesday spots.

Other Changes We are Currently Working On:

  • Tiffany’s Superb Review will not only continue on Film Lingo’s main site on sundays, but will be spun off into its own page will updates everyday ! It will be found below the About Film Lingo page ( while you may be able to see the page link now, it is still under construction and will not officially launch on a date that is TBD)… Stay Tuned !
  • Indie Movies and Music is something that really has not be talked about at Film Lingo yet, but that is all about to change ! Indie Spotlight is another page that is under construction and will launch at the same date as Superb review which again, is TBD, but in the very near future.
  • Top Ten Lists will start being more frequent, due to popular demand
  • Film Lingo‘s first official video and podcast will be available on YouTube and iTunes on April 9th !

Things that Will Not Change:

  • Current and constant posts and articles from todays latest news on Movies, T.V., Trailers, Pictures, Posters, Polls and more.
  • the links to Twitter, Facebook ( Like and follow us below !), comment section, rating system will all be the same and easy way as it has been.

That about does it for Film Lingo’s new features and updates ! We hope you enjoy our new layout and all that we have to offer, come back often. Any questions about all the changes ask in the comment section below ! have a great day.


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