Box Office Battle: Hunger Games is Here 3/23/12 !

This weekend’s Box office Battle is a no brainer, The Hunger Games is here and will dominate not just the domestic box office, but should score worldwide as well.

All other movies in turn are going to fall significantly, so the top five will be lower than usual. 21 Jump street was made for a different audience so that should help it from sinking too far. The lorax and John Carter will be hit the hardest, and both should fall more than 50%. Here are the estimates for the Top 5 films this weekend:

1.) Hunger games- $130.0 million

2.) 21 Jump Street- $ 18.2 million

3.) The Lorax- $ 9.5 million

4.) John Carter $ 7.0 million

5.) Project x- $ 3.o million

All of these estimates are on the low side, due to the expected rule of The Hunger Games, but make sure to check back tomorrow and Sunday for the final weekend numbers and Have a great weekend !

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