Film Lingo’s Hunger Games Review !

Film Lingo attended the Hunger Games midnight premiere and we are now going to share our Review !

This movie doesn’t lie when it said the world would be watching ! It was amazing, easily the best movie of the year so far and is defiantly the start of a huge franchise ! This movie is a MUST SEE !


 This is not Star Wars, this is not Harry Potter, and this is not Twilight, The Hunger Games is something different in the best way possible. This movie can in my opinion be described as quite. Except for a few parts, there was no yelling, no over the top extravaganzas to be seen, and all the effects were buy and large to a minimum instead letting the story and characters take center stage. The story is full of heart and emotion of a girl, KatnissEverdeen, protecting her sister, primrose, from the very bloody 74th annual Hunger Games. Along the way we meet and see wonderful character like Haymitch district 12’s mentor, Peeta Mellark the love interest and district 12’s boy tribute, and many more. The Capital is almost like Oz in that everything around it is rundown, yet the city is grand in every sense of the word, with people dressing in the most over the top ways they possibly can. Yet in the post-apocolyptic world everything feels new to the audience, The Hunger Games really has created a fantastic new world for us to invest in.

The Acting:

The acting was on point by almost everyone. Of course Jennifer Lawrence headlines for a reason, she is truly an acting force and again proves that she is here to stay. Other stand-outs we’re Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks, he is a true power house in this movie and give one of his best performances in a while, and she plays uptight while still being comical to great success as well. John Hucherson and Lenny Kravitz are not slacking either, and both fit there roles. The only true failure acting wise was liam Hemsworth who just looked bored, which is a real shame since he will most likely be the the next installment more. Lastly, i would like to spotlight the young actress Amandla Stenberg who played district 11 tribute rue in the film, and while a small part, she was truly a gem of the movie and was something of a highlight.

What did go Wrong:

Not much, the only real problems were went the action did ramp up the camera was shaking so much that it was almost impossible to tell what exactly was going on, they most likely did this to cover some of the blood for a PG-13 rating. As I’ve said earlier the CGI was to a minimum, but was all for the most part well done with the only big animation being The Capital City set and the Tiger/Lion/Pig thing towards the end of the film.


This movie will for a new generation be there franchise to grow up with, many have tried as we have seen with John Carter, but only the
greatest can win over the audience and it seems as though The Hunger Games has done just that. Legions of fans i think will be pleased with the adaption, which stayed truthful to the material, while making it different enough to work as a film. The Hunger games for sure is here to stay and if the end of this film leads to anything it is only to more excitement ahead ! Everyone should go out and see this film, it is not for girls or for teens only, the film really does speak to everyone and has enough action, heart, emotion and humor to balance itself as truly the start of something wonderful. Film Lingo gives this film MUST SEE statues.

overall rating: 8.5/10

How do you feel about this movie, will you see it while its in theaters? Comment Below !


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