A Maleficent Update !

It’s been over three years, many rumors and dozens of directors, but finally Disney and Angelina Jolie’s Mega picture Malificent is on its way into production !

Resently to Entertainment Weekly Agaliona Jolie talked about her role and the story of Disney’s Malificent ! Read what she had to say below:

“It sounds really crazy to say that there will be something that’s good for young girls in this,” Jolie  says, “because it sounds like you’re saying they should be a villain. [Maleficent] is actually a great person, but she’s not perfect. She’s far from perfect… In general, it’s a very good message to say, “let’s look at something from the other side.” But then also, what our challenge will be — and the script writer [Linda Woolverton] has already cracked it — is not to simplify it, not to just reverse the story but tell a bigger story that doesn’t point the finger [at Princess Aurora] either. It doesn’t flip it.”

She goes on to say,“I’ve already got my horns fitted,” adds Jolie. “My kids are very happy… We’re still figuring out the look. We’re experimenting with different things. But the horns are the horns – you can’t deny them. You have to have horns.”

Malificent currently does not have a release date, but starts production this coming June, we will update you as the rest of the cast is set !

Are you excited for this adaption of Sleeping beauty ? Comment Below !


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