Box Office Battle: Wrath of Snow White 3/30/12 !

Welcome to Film Lingo’s Box Office Battle! Its the second weekend of The Hunger Games rule and there is no sign it is going to give up its title of champion this week, while two new releases will try to take there share of our cash too !

The two wide releases coming out today are Wrath of the Titans while is of course the sequel to 2010’s Clash of the Titans, this second installment is expected to do relatively well, and should come in a solid second. Snow White on the other hand is harder to predict, its reviews are bad and tracking is so-so thanks to this summers other snow white pic, which is expected to be huge, Mirror Mirror should come in third with high teens, to maybe 25 million max. the rest of marches releases, other than John Carter, should continue to perform well, as they have no sign of slowing down. With all of the tracking so far there is no reason that this weekend shouldn’t be up from last year. Here is our prediction for the Top 5:

1.) The Hunger games- $ 67.5 million

2.) Wrath of the Titans- $ 40.5 million

3.) Mirror Mirror- $ 19.0 million

4.) 21 Jump Street- $ 12.3 million

5.) The Lorax- $ 8.0 million

Come back to Film Lingo sunday morning to see the weekends total numbers, and let the battle begin ! Comment below


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