Box Office Battle: The Hunger Games K.O’s competition in it’s second weekend!

In an expected win, The Hunger Games completely knocked out any of it’s competition, bringing the two new releases to way below expectations !











This weekend’s box office was a no brainer as the Hunger Games has been on a role all week, and this weekend passing 250 million in just a week. This week it also was the 5th fastest release to gross 200 million in just 5 days ! The two newer release were way below expectations as they both grossed on the lowest side of any estimates. Wrath of the Titians came in a solid enough second, but pales in comparison to 2010’s Clash, which gross over 60 million and coming in number one in its debut. Titians was expected to land in at number two, but one can only guess that the first ones horrible reception didn’t help. Now many didn’t guess that Mirror Mirror would bomb as hard as it did, but many are not Film Lingo, as we saw it coming, and predicted exactly 19 million, which it ended up grossing. Anyway, Mirror Mirror did nothing for Julia Roberts career, and ended director Tarsem’s pretty well received line of film. Now, here as is this weekend’s top 10 films below:

1.) The Hunger Games- $ 61.1 million, $ 251.0 million total gross

2.) Wrath of the Titians- $ 34.0 million, $ 34.0 million total gross

3.) Mirror Mirror- $ 19.0 million, $ 19 million total gross

4.) 21 Jump Street- $ 15 million, $ 93.2 million total gross

5.) The Lorax- $ 8.0 milion, $ 189.2 million total gross

6.) John Carter- $ 2.0 million, $ 66.2 million total gross

7.) Salmon Fishing in the Yemen- $ 1.2 million, $ 3.1 million total gross

8.) Act of Valor- $ 1.0 million, $ 67.7 million total gross

9.) A Thousand Words- $ 915,000 thousand, $ 16.5 million total gross

10.) Journey 2- $ 835,000 thousand, $ 98.4 million total gross

What Movie did you see this weekend? Comment Below.


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