Superb Sunday Review: Pretty Woman !

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This week we are going to take it back to the 90’s with an all time favorite Pretty Woman featuring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts!


Edward Lewis is a business man and Vivian Ward a prostitute. Edward being the business man that he is needs an escort to some social gatherings. He meets the beautiful prostitute, hires her for the night, and then he falls in love with her!

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The Movie

Mr. Edward Lewis a business man, stops on a street corner to ask about directions to the Beverly Hills Hotel and meets the beautiful and free spirited prostitute Vivian Ward. He tells her that in reality they are both the same because  as Edward states, “we both screw people for money”. I believe this is the point where she finds his charm somewhat attractive. He decides to hire her for the night and ends up making her an offer that she can’t possibly refuse. He hires her for the week. At first she is not too fond of him but, as the week goes he buys her a whole new wardrobe and gives her a makeover, she starts to fall for him too!

Favorite Scenes

Pretty Woman is loaded with memorable scenes.  Three scenes come to mind when thinking of this film. The first memorable scene takes place when Vivian goes shopping. Upon entering a high class boutique on Rodeo Drive, Vivian is treated horribly by the boutique staff. The staff tells Vivian they do not serve her kind and she should leave. Vivian returns to the hotel in tears. The hotel concierge calls in some favors and Vivian is completely made over.  The next day, she continues her shopping excursion. Wearing some of the world’s most expensive garments, she enters the boutique asking the staff if they work on commission. When they answer yes, Vivian states, “Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now.” The second memorable scene takes place in the film’s final moment.  Edward realizes he cannot live without Vivian and attempts to rescue her. Edward, afraid of heights, ascends Vivian’s fire escape bearing roses. He climbs all the way to top, they kiss, and the movie ends. Obviously, the MOST memorable scene has not been mentioned. Edward has whisked Vivian away to San Francisco to the opera. Vivian, dressed in her iconic red dress, is given a jewelry box by Edward.  He opens the box to reveal a diamond necklace. When Vivian reaches for it, Edward snaps the box closed. The scene is taken over by Vivian’s gasp and Julia Roberts’ infectious laugh. This scene has been immortalized in film history and will forever remain a pop culture moment.

Wrap Up

This movie is sometimes thought of as a sort of modern day Cinderealla story! (Which I absolutely love!!!) If you love romance, drama, and maybe even some comedy then this is movie is definitatley for you! It has a fantastic story line which is why I love it! This movie is a “feel good film”, it is a wonderful love story that makes you feel you can fulfill your dreams and that prince charmings really do exist! The actors/actresses portray these characters flawlessly. Julia Roberts with her giggly charm and unrefined elegance are simply superb! I highly recomend this movie!!!

I give this movie 5/5 rhinestones!

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