Superb Review~ A Cinderella Story

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Today I want to talk about the Cinderella Story! Apopular movie that came out in 2004 featuring Hilary Duff, Chad Michael Murray and Jennifer Coolidge.

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The Cinderella Story is exactly what is sounds like which is a modern day cinderella story! The movie tells the story of Sam Montgomery who’s father died when she was only 8 leaving her to live with her evil stepmother and her two daughters Gabriella and Brianna  who basically take over her entire life, that is until she meets someone over the internet!

The movie

Between Sam’s terrible home life and the popular kids at school always making fun of her, her only escape is when she is at work at the diner or chatting it up with her online friend! They decide that it is finally time to meet so he ask her to the schools halloween dance! Sam wears this absolutely beautiful white ball gown (that any girl would long for!!!!) along with a mask to hide her identity because she is afraid that if he finds out who she is then he will want nothing to do with her because after all she is just the Diner Girl. When she makes it to the dance they meet up and she finds out that he is the extremely cute and extremely popular Austin Ames. They dance and have a wonderful night until Sam realizes that she has to beat her stepmother back to the diner rushing out she drops her phone which Austin picks up. Austin, not knowing who his cinderella is begins the journey to find out who this mystery girls is, only to find out at an utterly embarrassing pep rally that his cinderella is none other that Diner Girl. But in the end he does not care that she is the diner girl and the two continue their relationship and go on to attend Princeton together and I’m assuming to live happily ever after! ( Because thats how a cinderella story is supposed to end! Otherwise it’s not a cinderella story right?)

What I thought…

The reason I love love love this movie is because it is a feel good movie and it makes you think what if things like this really happened! It makes you feel that maybe prince charming’s really do exist! Because like the movie poster says, “Once upon a time can happen anytime” (I love this quote!!!) I also love the movie because it is a classic story that everyone knows done in a completely revamped modern way while still keeping in check the timeless story of the underdog coming out on top despite every hardship in their life. I totally recommend this movie to anyone looking for a romantic yet funny movie or a modern spin on a classic story!

 I give this movie 5 out of 5 rhinestones

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