Happy 100th Universal Pictures !

Today is a huge milestone for Universal, as the studio celebrates 100 years of film !

We wish them a happy anniversary and would now like to share some of the studios best films for you to remember and enjoy. Take a look below:

First, in the early days of cinema, Universal Studios was the place to go to for horror and monster movies, they truly had them all:

After a fight with Walt Disney in the early 1920’s, Universal got the rights to a very cute little rabbit called Oswald:

Fast forward to 1969, and you get Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, The Birds:

Then, in the 1975, Universal teamed up with young filmmaker Steven Spielberg, redefining what a blockbuster picture was with Jaws:

In the early 1980’s Universal released classics like The Blues Brothers, The Great Muppet Caper, E.T., Halloween 2, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and much more, but no movie from this time period has had a greater impact than that of Back to the Future:

In the 1990’s, Universal and Dinosaurs, astronauts, and a box of chocolates took back the box-office:

And today, Universal is in the cusp of another come back with films like Hellboy, Bridesmaids, The Fast and the Furious, and Dispicable Me leading the way:

That is just a taste of the best from 100 years of great Universal Pictures! We wish we could include a clip from all the films, but an article can only be so long. What is your favorite Universal film? Tell us below in the comments.

All videos, pictures, and logos are copyrights of Universal Studios and Comcast

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