A Special Superb Review: Women In Comics

This is Superb Sunday Reviews with Tiffany! A blog about all things girly, and sometimes not so girly, in the world of film, movies, and television!

It’s Avengers Day, So today in this special edition of Superb Review I will be talking about the women in comic books!!!

Women have been in comic books since the beginning. Women are an important part of comic books and while some people may say that the portrayal of women in comic books is demeaning and exploitative I believe that it shows women to be powerful, independent, and equal to that of man.

One of the best examples of women being strong and independent is that of Ms. Marvel aka

Carol Danvers (Earth-616)Carol. Carol grew up a hard life where he father did not believe in men and women being equal. She did not go to college because only one of the children could go so her brother went despite her being the best choice. She ends up working for the government and eventually through that teams up with the Avengers when the Scarlet Witch is on a leave of absence. Carol’s story goes to show that women are strong and can be equal to men.

In a way I believe that while it is exaggerated in comic books how the women are portrayed is quite accurate. Women are manipulative and will do whatever they need to to get what they want. This is most predominantly shown through The Enchantress aka Amora.

Amora (Earth-616)Centuries ago, Amora enlisted Brunnhilda, leader of Odin’s Valkyries, in her plans of conquest. However, Brunnhilda soon became aware of Amora’s immoral ends, and sought to end their partnership. Amora then used her magic to entrap Brunnhilda within a mystical crystal of souls.while the average woman may not be able to manipulate others with their magic, women have a variety of tactics to get exactly what they want and I believe that comics represent this part of a woman’s life well.

Natalia Romanova (Earth-616)

Perhaps my favorite woman in comics of all time is Natalia Romanova maybe better known as Black Widow. Natalia is the ultimate woman when it comes to comics. She is strong as an individual but even stronger with the Avengers despite the fact that she once hired the Swordsman and Power Man to destroy the avengers. She is one of the world’s most sought-after espionage agents alive, and she was recruited by Iron Man and Ms. Marvel to be on the newest team of Avengers alongside the Sentry, Ares, the Wasp, and Wonder Man. She immediately proved herself in battle against the Mole Man’s biological creatures. Natalia is the ultimate woman when it comes to comics, she is strong, smart, and a master seductress!

Women have been an important part of comic books forever and they will remain that way. The portray of women in comic books is in my opinion accurate for the most part and i also believe that is is empowering and gives women the chance to be equal to any man.

Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616)Emma Frost (Earth-616)Susan Storm (Earth-616)Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616)Raven Darkholme (Earth-616)
Tell Me Who Your Favorite Female Comic Character is!!!!!!!
Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of Film Lingo’s Avengers Day! Comment Below!!!

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