Saving Disney: What they should, but won’t do.

Welcome back ! Today we have a special featured article.While we have been gone there have been may huge stories that we have missed reporting, but none more shocking to us the the firing of Rich Ross from Disney. Now, we could write about how this may not be so shocking or who should replace him, but thats been written about 100 times in the past couple weeks, so instead we will move to the bigger picture. In the special monday article we will be talking about exactly what it would take to save Walt Disney Pictures from crumbling even more than it has already.

So, where does Disney need to go to really shake things up and ge themselves out of the hole they have dug? To be completely honest Disney would have to abandon every part of their current business plan and start over, go back to the drawing board and re-think there franchise oriented studio that they have tried so hard to become.

Where to begin?

One upon a time Rich Ross said that The Blind Side could have been a Disney movie, and in all respects he was right, yet… they have yet to put a movie in to a development cycle that could mimic those results. The closest movie they have is the small film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, ( raise your hand if you’ve heard of it) which if marketed right could do good business, but as of yet it hasn’t which mean one of two things if not both: the movie is horrible or they don’t care about a movie that isn’t a big tent pole picture ( I’m going with both).

The solution ( that won’t happen):

Now, while the main problem of saving Disney is done, as Mr.Ross is gone, the hardest part is far from over. That part is finding to right person that can handle the very difficult reins of controlling some of the
biggest powers in the game ( Lassiter, Spielberg, bruckheimer) and doing major damage control from the old regime.

So now lets say that Mr.Iger has picked the replacement, we will call them Boss X. Boss X has to quickly review the films in production ( there’s only 1, The Lone Ranger) and the films that have been in development and see which ones are strong and those that just do not cut it. That will take a while, and you can be sure that a lot of meetings and late nights will be par of those early days. Boss X’s first priority should be to cut out the fat, and get more films into productions immediately. Next, Boss X will have to fight the big fight and get Bob Iger and the other suits to see that just creating franchises, and movies that make for good toys isn’t always the best way to go ( ever), and that that strategy has just not worked for Disney as Prince of Persia, Winnie the Pooh, John Carter, Cars 2 all under preformed in someway or another.

As Boss X presses forward they need to look at comedies and smaller budget films with the biggest possible potential. Last summer comedies of all types were hot on the market, as are smaller movies with good stories and good marketing behind them. The mold that they should look at is possibly 3-4 smaller budget ( under $100 million) films, and then 2-3 tent poles ( $100 million or over) that could be spread out with one possibly in march, one in the summer, and then the last as the studios holiday release. That would still only only be between 5-7 releases a year, which is still not a huge slate and one that could be very strong and easy to market. With Disney’s deals with Dreamworks, Pixar, Marvel and others, their over all film slate for a single year would be extremely attractive to audiences of all ages.

What will probably end up happening?

Im not here to predict the future, I couldn’t begin to do that, but what i can tell you is that the plan i layed out above will never happen ( at least not in the foreseeable future) and that Boss X will be someone that will listen to Mr.Iger’s every whim, and he likes money and a companies bottom line much more than movies or a good story. The movies that will be green lit probably will not change what so ever, and comedies and small production will come out sparsely, and as with everything Disney does go big or go home, and you, me, and everyone else knows that saying the Execs love, ” Disney never really loses money in the end”. The boss will probably be Dreamworks President Stacy Snider, or Marvel’s Kevin Freige, both already close to Disney and will not be enough of a shake-up to really make the difference the studio needs.

The question we should all ask is What Would Walt Do?

So that’s it, short and simple. What do you think about this whole situation? Comment Below!

All photos are copyrights of The Walt Disney Company

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